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Valorisation of results

This work package deals with the valorization of the results of EU project experiences dealing with sustainable building and a low-carbon economy. The platform CESBA Wiki ( will provide customized dissemination toolkits for public stakeholders and the results of MA4.1, MA4.2 and MA4.3 will be integrated in the Wiki. All relevant EU programmes will be mapped by the project partners. In order to develop recommendations for the Alpine Space programme 2014+, national workshops with key actors will be held.


3) To disseminate and valorise Alpine Space Programm project achievements with regards to nearly Zero Emission Buildings.
4) To develop synergies and contribute to transnational policy development with regards to an integrated perspective on low-carbon economy and nearly Zero Emition Buildings.


5.1 Dissemination strategy

A dissemination strategy for CESBA and ViSiBLE has been developed. It identifies target groups, key messages and main communication channels for the promotion of a harmonized system of sustainable building assessment (CESBA). The project partners will further develop customized dissemination toolkits for municipal stakeholders and regional authorities. The dissemination toolkit will consist of leaflets, a standard presentations, and,depending on the kind of the building project, topic-related factsheets and further reading material. The dissemination toolkit will be made available on the CESBA Wiki (

Download of ViSiBLE dissemination strategy

Access to CESBA dissemination toolkit produced in the ViSiBLE project

5.2. Use of the CESBA wiki

The CESBA wiki ( is the first transnational online hub on sustainable building assessment. It is a joint output of the projects CABEE (, ViSiBLE and CEC5 ( ViSiBLE is already feeding the Wiki with information and will integrate the project results of MA4.1 (analysis of 22 EU-funded projects), MA4.2 (analysis of institutionsl frameworks), MA4.3 (CESBA deliverables), and MA5.1 (customized dissemination toolkits).

Basic information on CESBA Wiki

Access to the CESBA Wiki

5.3 Mapping of EU relevant programmes

The task leader for this activity is PP2 Hochschule Rosenheim. This activity has not yet started. In general, the idea of this activity is to find out the relevant EU funding programmes and to include an overview of these programmes in the Wiki. This would give a quick overview to any institution interested in submitting a project in the field of sustainable building for EU funding.
In addition those sector relevant programmes are also target groups for dissemination. The recommendations formulated in MA5.4 for the ASP should also be disseminated to these funding programmes.

5.4 National workshops: Recommendations for Alpine Space programme 2014+

One national one-and-a-half day workshop will be organised each in Germany, Austria, Italy and France in order to formulate recommendations for the Alpine Space Programm 2014+ in May 2014. The recommendations of the workshops will be consolidated in one English language report. A detailed presentation of the report and the recommendations will be given to the Alpine Space Programm JTS and Management Authority. The LP Regional Development Vorarlberg is conducting a preparation workshop with local actors on the 28th of February 2014.

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