CESBA conference paper for WSB 14 Barcelona

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The CESBA conference paper was produced within the ViSiBLE project for the participation in the World Sustainable Building Conference in Barcelona (28-30th of October, 2014). It tackles the question of "How to harmonize building assessment at European level".


This paper tackles the need for a harmonization of building and neighborhood assessment in Europe and presents CESBA as an ideal approach towards harmonization. Four hypotheses discussed in this paper prove that CESBA is the ideal way towards assessment harmonization. The first thesis states that the variety of building assessment systems lead to a challenging situation since they produce hindrances for end users of assessment systems. The second thesis deals with the urgent need for a harmonization process. The third thesis proves that CESBA is the ideal framework towards harmonization. The fourth thesis finds that CESBA can only be successful if harmonized assessment systems play a distinctive role in steering European building and neighborhood qualities. Hence, a Europe-wide harmonization by CESBA can greatly contribute to the sustainability of our built environment. CESBA offers a common ground to spread knowledge on sustainable building. CESBA is open for anybody who wants to contribute.

Target group/users

The conference paper is directed at participants in the WSB 14 Barcelona and at all people who want to learn more about how CESBA can support sustainable building assessment harmonization in Europe.

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: ViSiBLE

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

August 2014

Regions of implementation:

The conference paper is a document that is relevant for all member states of the European Union




CESBA Conference Paper for WSB 14 Barcelona


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