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The CESBA communication material can be used by all interested people and organizations. The regulations set in the CESBA guide have to be followed.

These communication tools are available on the CESBA Wiki:.

CESBA Leaflet

Two pages that give all short information on CESBA: the initiative itself, its goals, its principles, the CESBA Wiki, assessment harmonization. To be printed several times and handed out to people interestedin CESBA.

CESBA Poster

Big poster (format: DIN A3) on the most important issues of CESBA.

CESBA standard presentation

You can use this standard presentation if you want to display the initiative. It is in pptx format, so you can make adaptions, e.g. including your logo on the presentation.

CESBA Introduction

This short document is a summary of the CESBA guide with the most important contents. For all who want to get a short overview on the CESBA initiative.