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ViSiBLE is a transnational Alpine Space project which focuses on the dissemination and exploitation of sustainable building and low carbon experiences in the Alpine Space and beyond and will thus contribute to the improvement of the sustainability of the built environment and supply recommendations for the Alpine Space programme 2014+. ViSiBLE is in close cooperation with the Europe-wide CESBA initiative that deals with the harmonization of sustainable building assessment in Europe and provdes tools, services, and the innovative plattform


Project relevance

Most people spend over 90% of their lifetime inside buildings, which makes them extremely important for the quality of life in Europe. Furthermore, buildings highly contribute to overall resource use and energy consumption. Therefore, the building sector is a cornerstone of the EU climate protection program and has an important role to play in the achievement of the Europe2020 strategy. However, the plethora and mismatch of building regulations and the proliferation of buildings assessment systems leads to market fragmentation at EU and national levels. There is therefore a clear need for a harmonisation and contextualisation of sustainable building assessments systems following a holistic and life-cycle approach.

Project goal: Making knowledge on sustainable building ViSiBLE

Many regions in the Alpine Space have accumulated excellent know-how in the field of how to create a sustainable built environment through EU funded projects. The project ViSiBLE aims at the valorisation of this know-how and wants to contribute to a harmonisation of sustainable building assessments across European regions. ViSiBLE thus stands for "Valorisation of Sustainable Alpine Space nearly zero-energy Building and Low-Carbon Experiences.

The four specific objectives of ViSiBLE are:

  1. To identify the '''transnational needs''' and analyse the '''institutional frameworks''' and capacities with regards to an integrated perspective on nZEBs.
  2. To track the main '''achievements of ASP (Alpine Space Programme) projects''' in the thematic field of low-carbon economy and energy efficiency with a focus on nZEBs
  3. To '''disseminate and valorise ASP project achievements''' with regards to nZEBs
  4. To develop synergies and contribute to '''transnational policy development''' with regards to an integrated per-spective on low-carbon economy and nZEBs


CESBA is a Europe-wide initiative on sustainable public building assessment. It is a joint output of the projects CABEE, CEC5 and ViSiBLE and aims at finding a common harmonized and contextualized framework on sustainable public building assessment. Read more on CESBA:

General information

The project ViSiBLE will last from September 2013 to November 2014 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the Alpine Space Programme. It belongs to Priority 1 - Competitiveness and Attractiveness of the Alpine Space. Five project partners from four Alpine Space countries contribute to the project.

Download of ViSiBLE project leaflet

This project is co-funded by the Austrian Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft and by the Land Vorarlberg


ViSiBLE Result Booklet now available

ViSiBLE Result Booklet now available

Dec 12, 2014
ViSiBLE project partners have now released the ViSiBLE Result Booklet that presents the outputs of the project in a short, in...  
European actors celebrate closure of ViSiBLE and CEC5

European actors celebrate closure of ViSiBLE and CEC5

Nov 28, 2014
Together with the project CEC5, ViSiBLE partners held their final meeting in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria, from the 17th to ...  
Recommendations for the ASP2014+ - report launched

Recommendations for the ASP2014+ - report launched

Nov 07, 2014
The report aims at formulating recommendations on future joint activities for the Alpine Space Programme (ASP) 2014-2020 on t...  
CESBA conference at WSB14 Barcelona

CESBA conference at WSB14 Barcelona

Oct 31, 2014
The World Sustainable Building Conference is the largest global gathering of experts in sustainable building with over 2000 p...  
ViSiBLE at ASP2020 Conference

ViSiBLE at ASP2020 Conference

Oct 31, 2014
The ASP conference took place on the 21-22nd of October in Salzburg. Here, the results achieved over the 2007-2013 programme ...  
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