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IRH-Med stands for Innovative Residential Housing for the Mediterranean. Within the IRH-Med project, 10 partners from South European countries jointly work on the topic of innovative housing.


The partners from Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Hungary are willing to jointly advance paths and solutions for innovative housing. By focusing on a comprehensive and sustainable RH concept, which optimally fits into the socio-economic & cultural surroundings & actively preserves environment, the partnership intends to bolster the market and increase the competitiveness for innovative models of RH in the Med Space. Foremost activities are:

  • Convergence of strategies to support innovative models of RH in the Med. Regional policies promoting innovative models for RH applied across the Med Space are very varied. Strengthening cooperation to address a transnational challenge, and bridging policies and strategies while defining new and common solutions based on community added-value (good practices) is the component aim
  • Formulation of Med Label Principles and future directions for the Med. It is of special importance that the labelling approach is tested through varied pilot projects to guarantee its adaptability through the Med regions and flexibility at different governance levels. The approach shall resume in a Med Label that is public, of easy application, and considers the vast potential of an emerging market for renovation of RH. On the other hand, both the effort of label appliance and the construction requirements it will enforce shall be adjusted to the regions' economic capacity. The sharing of technical activities between project partners (PP) has been foreseen so that the distribution of activities and responsibilities is geographically balanced, ensuring active participation of all PPs. In this regard, technical activities shall be organised around the Technical Group (TG) (transnational as regards its representation), which shall ensure a unified technical coordination of activities Main RESULTS
  • Synergy of Mediterranean initiatives from different local, regional and national actors aspiring to articulate a common approach for promotion of both the idea and practice of IRH
  • Information to local, regional and national public authorities to facilitate policy measures promoting sustainable and innovative models of RH by means of a Guideline
  • Med Label Principles for RH, a concrete tool adapted to the Mediterranean idiosyncrasy, proposed in a regional platform that gathers information and shares knowledge.The importance given to capitalisation is evidenced in the devise of a strategic comprehensive approach to communication and dissemination of experience, with very active involvement of PP and associates, seeking to convey results throughout the Med space. To this end, communication activities shall be organised around the Communication Group (CG). Further, for capitalisation purposes the partnership has secured links with public authorities (attached Support letters), prof. associations (TEE, iiSBE) and relevant networks (TEDKD, UMAR, CECODHAS), which shall in addition ensure results sustainability.

Project duration

Start date: 01.06.2010
End date: 30.11.2012

Lead partner

Agència de Suport a l'Empresa Catalana
Barcelona, Spain


Marta Rojas Gregorio
Tel.: +34 935511955

Project Website

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